About us


Talent Height is the website and the product of the company Talent Foster Private Limited headquartered in Dehradun, India. It consists of mainly four co-founders of different age groups:- Devesh Barthwal, Snehil Barthwal, Manish Kumar, and Shivam Gandhi. They created this platform on 1 Jan 2020.

In this global arena, where the competition in every field is at its peak, it becomes quite difficult to survive in such a challenging situation by being a part of this race for the best. To do this, it is the key factor to opt the right track to reach the desired goal. But the dilemma of choosing the correct and appropriate source of the platform from the market full of time-wasting and money squandering traps may lead you to the ‘Misleading’.

                                                           Misleading is something, which not only wastes the golden time of your valuable career years but can also demotivate you to quit the career of your choice in the field of art, creativity, and talent, whether it is dancing, singing, teaching, acting, cooking, etc.

  So, for the up-liftmen of such underprivileged talented people and other expertise artists, we have created a door-opening opportunity through a platform that is known by the name of Talent Height. Its services are accessible to all the people of 18 years and above. It is the website and the product of our company TALENT FOSTER PRIVATE LIMITED which is created for all the talented artists across the world.

                          We all know that there is no happiness and satisfaction in creating the content and uploading it without any worthy appreciation. Being an artist, healthy love, interest, and support for our content is something we earn priceless from the audience. This not only makes your content worthy and useful but also increases your motivation and passion towards your goal. It acts like a catalyst that amplifies your interest in your field and brings out the best hidden creative side through your talent/content, making you an Ingenious Star.

                          In a nutshell, it adds beauty in your work and gives more eye-catching and entertaining videos full of talent to the audience.

                          Therefore, keeping these things in mind, we have created a platform for you which not only helps you to create your supportive audience to watch and share your creative videos but also gives you the golden scope to earn a good amount of money through it.

                                 We are here with the purpose to bring out the best in you and to enhance your skill and ability gradually. To fulfill this aim, we conduct online competitions from time to time which is entitled as Ingenious Star. Where the registered candidates compete with each other and the audience itself does the judgment for the search of deserving winners which is done based on the maximum number of views on your video which is a part of the competition to give away exciting cash prizes and gifts to them by announcing their ranks on the Header. We announce winners of every competition and progress report of all the deserving candidates in this section only (HEADER).

                                        Not only this, but we also offer you the Stars ranging from one to five based on your number of subscribers and watch hours, which gives you the special privileges which differ from that of other no-star artists. To become a star artist you have to focus and fulfill on two specific criteria set by us- ‘Subscribers’ and ‘Watch Hours’. The stars are given to the users based on the following:- Users (Uploaders) who have up to 1000 subscribers and have gained 2000 watch hours in their channel by their uploaded content fall under the category of One Star artist. Users who have 3000 subscribers and have 7000 watch hours in their channel comes under the category of Two Star artists. Similarly, users who have 7000 subscribers and 15000 watch hours in their channel come under the category of three Star artists. In the same way, uploaders having 12000 subscribers and 23000 watch hours are given the title of Four Star artists. Last but not the least, users which 25000 subscribers and 1 lakh and above watch hours in their channel are known as Five Star artists.  The best part of the Star Rank system is that with the increase in the number of stars ranging from one to five, the percentage of the withdrawal of the money from the Talent Height money wallet also increases. Moreover, these special artists are also given other prizes from Talent Height. So guys hurry up and focus on the growth of two important elements of your channel i.e. your number of Subscribers and Watch Hours. Apart from this, we are also providing the message option to the users. Our users have their inbox and chat option which help them to communicate, connect and support each other in a better way.


There is more for you inside the box. There is one more important option in the Talent Height which plays a vital role in the growth of the user’s money wallet of Talent Height. We are talking about the ‘Watch Ad’  option by clicking which you can watch various adds one after the other and earn coins per ad. These coins are automatically converted into money which the user can withdraw afterward through the payment gateway.

                                                Our dream is to promote talent across the globe as it is clear from the name of the company itself i.e. Talent Foster and it’s a product Talent Height. As we all know that the Talent knows no bounds in terms of land and area and is not restricted up to a particular boundary or a region. It is spread everywhere like the stars in the sky. This is why we are here with the motive to create the best opportunity for such talented artists to create their audience and supporters for their content.


Moreover, our company also conduct offline competitions for the talented youth in different cities, to seek the best performances of our country’s talented Ingenious Stars to make them aware of the platform ‘Talent Height’ so that they can also access our services to grab its massive benefits which can change their way and view of life.